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January/February 2013

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice

Calming Upset Customers

This book is full of examples of superior customer service ... and below par service. Following each example are questions to ask your team to prompt discussions of what went right - or wrong. Then you can decide how to use the lessons to improve your customers' delight.

Get your copy (hard copy or eBook) of Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers' Delight today!

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Grow Your Key Talent

Calming Upset Customers

Many executives think that only HR needs to think about how to grow their internal leadership. By offloading all the thinking about this they are sure to stunt their company's growth. This book helps you examine what you should be considering when looking at helping your people grow to take on more responsibilities.

Get your copy (hard copy or eBook) of Grow Your Key Talent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives and Managers on Developing Star Staff today! 

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Huge Customer Service for Giant Apple

For the past 10 Christmas's, my sister and nieces have given me a 3-pound caramel, chocolate and almond apple. The yummy treat lasts a long time as I slice off a morsel or two for dessert.

However, something was wrong.

Read how the company responded.


How Well Do You Anticipate Your Customers' Needs?

One of the hallmarks of a great customer service rep is someone who knows his/her customers so well, s/he can understand what the customer may need, often before the customer does. This is not an easily taught skill. I learned some of what it took from various jobs.

Read some of the lessons I learned over the years.


Are Your Staff Doing Your Customers a Disservice?

No one wants to be pushy or smarmy. No one wants to irritate or alienate customers. However, nearly everyone likes to help others.

So why do customer service reps - who probably have the most frequent contact with your customers - find it challenging to suggest additional products?

Read how CSRs can be of more service to their customers.


You Think You Have Some Tough Customers?

I was stunned at the stories - all true - of demanding, self-absorbed customers. The customers all had one thing in common - they'd stayed at one of several elite hotels in a major European city.

Regaling me with outrageous tales at dinner, a dozen concierges entertained, but I also found it sad. The stories not only showed how truly helpless some of the richest people in the world can be without their attendants, but also how poorly they can treat those they've enlisted for help.

Read the stories


I'm Returning to SE Asia and So. Africa

If you know people in these parts of the world who would benefit from my working with their team to be more productive, effective, and profitable, please connect me ASAP as I'm making my travel plans soon. Or maybe you want me to work with your group!


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