Extraordinary Leadership Lessons from Everyday People

Extraordianary cover 3-DIt’s easy to study world or industry leaders as models. Books are written by or about them. But often their intellect or special skills make it hard to emulate them.

You will find lessons abound when you look for wisdom from everyday people you encounter — even those without fancy titles. They may not be presidents of anything, but they have sage advice illustrated through their actions.

Rebecca gleaned the featured insights from observing everyday people around the world. No academic theory — just real-life examples of ordinary humans providing unintentional leadership lessons. You can use these lessons to be a better leader — intentionally. You’ll learn the insights modeled by everyday people and events. She uses stories from her latest book, Extraordinary Leadership Lessons from Everyday People.

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll be more aware of everyday examples of wisdom you can adapt to your leadership style
  • You’ll be more mindful of the impact your actions have on others
  • You’ll understand how to acknowledge the leadership behaviors in those around you

This program can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes long.