Work. Play. Give. — Creating a Thriving Workplace

Abundant research informs us that a thriving workplace depends on high-achieving employees’ sense of fulfillment and happiness on the job. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. We’ll explore 3 pillars of creating fulfillment at work that leads to high productivity, satisfaction, and longevity.

The “Work. Play. Give.” philosophy encourages organizations to ensure that employees have the opportunity to be engaged in all three.

  • “Work” encourages employers to ensure their employees are utilizing their  highest skills and talents.
  • “Play” acknowledges that important connections can be made through playfulness with others, as well as improving creativity and innovation.
  • “Give” encompasses giving not only funds, but your spirit, kindness and heart, in the workplace and in the community.

In addition to hearing how individuals and corporations have incorporated the Work. Play. Give. philosophy, you’ll hear how Rebecca brings “Work. Play. Give.” into her life through her work with corporations and non-profits, in the US and abroad. She’ll share how her work with the non-profit Together We Can Change the World has not only helped the impoverished women and children they support, but how it’s charged her perspective and life.

Learn how to apply the three pillars for a richer life. You’ll get ideas on how to adopt this philosophy to create a more effective workplace. You’ll think differently about how you can integrate all three every date in your work and life.

45 minutes to 3 hours (the more time allotted, the more interactivity)

Rebecca presents “Work. Play. Give” at a conference in Cape Town


Rebecca presenting “Work. Play. Give.” to business owners in Bangkok


Rebecca presenting “Work. Play. Give” to a group in Mandalay, Myanmar


The advertisement outside the venue advertising Rebecca’s talk “Work. Play. Give” in Mandalay, Myanmar