Creative Consulting

Rebecca’s “super power” is her uncommon ability to design creative, practical solutions to challenges. With few exceptions, she questions the traditional thinking and designs a solution you’d never thought of. And one that works, even given your restrictions. She excels at creatively practical thinking that is measurable, so you can track that her idea works. Her clients have shown ROI up to 2000% from her ideas.

She’s told that she has the rare ability to clarify clients’ strategies then work with them to create manageable steps to achieve those strategies. People are often either macro or micro thinkers and Rebecca is both.

So if you are struggling with a solution to a project, engage Rebecca to help you examine your assumptions and look at it from a fresh, uncommon perspective. Then once she’s opened your mind to new possibilities, together you create a plan that excites everyone involved.

Rebecca strives to create long-lasting solutions for your challenges. Here’s the process she uses:

  1. Clarify your desired outcomes
  2. Identify what you’ve tried that’s worked or not and why
  3. Articulate restraints and decide which ones are permanent and which ones can be shifted
  4. Come up with new creative and practical ideas
  5. Implement the ideas
  6. Measure results
  7. Boost profits
  8. Celebrate success

By following this process your ROI will be much higher than if you skip one or more steps. This takes more time, but the results are substantially larger.

That said, you can engage Rebecca for shorter term projects to help you strategize or refine your plan. Or, she can see you through from inception to monitoring the project afterwards.