Spring 2020

Spring 2020

A Personal Note

In my quest to add more humor to my content-rich talks, I’ve fully embraced stand-up comedy these last few months. I’ve been writing new material and practicing 5-minute sets up to 5 times a week at various open mics.

While these sets are not focused on my corporate-talk topics, I’m practicing the craft. I am beginning to integrate more and more humor and getting good response. My ultimate goal is to make my talks so invigorating the points are remembered and implemented. Plus, I’ll have a 20- to 30-minute humorous talk for those who want after-lunch entertainment.


Vulnerability + Strength = Personal Power

Rebecca Morgan Vulnerability quote

Photo: Warren Jordan

Some people are drawn to forceful leaders. Others appreciate leaders who have a gentler approach.

I — and many others — find the combination of vulnerability plus strength is compelling. Many people feel connected to others who are willing to show humility, admit when they are wrong, demonstrate heartfelt emotions, and express sincere caring for others.

Find out how to be a more effective leader


Produce an Information Product in a Month

If you’ve been wanting to write a non-fiction book, create a for-sale webinar, or any informational product, this 3-week, live, virtual mini-course will get you moving. It’s designed to step you through the process to get that resource started — and perhaps even done!

One 80-year-old speaker had her first book back from the printer within a month after the mini-course. Now she’s repeated the process and will have her 4th in hand soon.

Join us life to get moving in the right direction.



Say “Yes” to Beckoning Adventures8.jpg

I’m afraid of heights. Just thinking about climbing a ladder makes my stomach queasy.

So imagine my reaction when I was in Istanbul and a friend suggested I go to Cappadocia in central Turkey for a hot air balloon ride, I was not immediately excited.

That is an understatement.

Read how this experience spawned some insights.


Be a Conscious Conversationalist


Being a conscious conversationalist is critical to a long-term relationship, whether with a coworker, customer, or friend — at least for me. I’ve encountered many people who are conversationally challenged.

Since it is doubtful your friends or colleagues will volunteer that you are an inept conversationalist, as a public service I thought I’d delineate some of the most common conversational culprits.

See if you are a conscious conversationalist.


The Path to Wisdom5.jpg

I work closely with a tech company which isn’t a client. They have thousands of employees around the world. Their headquarters houses a few thousand.Because I am a super-user of their site, I get asked to participate in special programs — some beta tests, some educating new, seasoned and prospective users. The few dozen staff with whom I’ve worked are smart.

However, because these intelligent people don’t have a lot of work experience, I find they make decisions that aren’t wise. They don’t think through the repercussions on their users before enacting changes. They don’t decide actions based on long-term ramifications, nor on the message their decision sends about the company’s values.

I find they lack …

See if you’ve noticed any of these with inexperienced staff.


New Demo Video

I invite you to view my new 7-minute demo video with clips from some recent keynotes.

View it here.