Executive, Management and High-Potential Coaching

Creative and Practical Executive, Management and High-Potential Coaching

Do you have situations like these?

  • A company CEO is feeling inundated and doesn’t want to confide his personal productivity challenges to internal resources. He fears his “inadequacies” may get out to the wrong people.

I became an external, objective sounding board. In two 2-hour sessions, we created new productivity processes, and a schedule that met his goals. We jointly created forms to track his action items and those delegated to his direct reports. And we challenged some of his current processes to create more effective ones.

  • Management wants five leads to be supervisors, but none of them consistently demonstrate the decision-making skills that warrant trusting them with the responsibility. The company is growing quickly and it needs to have supervisors in place to allow the manager to focus on bigger picture issues. She doesn’t have the time or skills to do the coaching.

In six bi-weekly meetings, we offered new, effective alternatives to the leads’ old behaviors. We helped each of them learn how to be pro-active in staffing and equipment utilization issues. We helped them take action on quality and disciplinary problems demonstrated by their machine operators.

  • A salesperson is having trouble tracking his deliverables for his clients. Additionally, he is two months behind on his activity and expense reports.

In two 2-hour meetings we created methods for streamlining his reports, bids, and paperwork, and incorporating electronic tracking systems on his laptop computer.

  • A manager has difficulty delivering all that she promised. She has more on her plate than she can complete. She commonly stays until 8 or 9 p.m., to the detriment of her family life. She knows she is in trouble, but doesn’t see a possible solution.

During our three-month assignment, she set more realistic deadlines, said “no” when she couldn’t possibly deliver, and went home by 6:00. She learned to delegate work, decide some work was lower priority, and streamline her personal productivity processes to focus on the high priority items.

All of our coaching…

  • Focuses on increasing productivity and performance. We look at what gets in the way of the coachee’s being most effective. We discuss more productive ways to get results.
  • Involves supportive, caring, respectful, and non-judgmental communication. It’s our job to help the coachee create more effective behaviors, not condemn past behaviors. We help the person retain self-respect, while still pushing for specific action steps and behavioral deliverables.
  • Creates solutions specific to the organization’s and individual’s needs. It could involve skills from many disciplines: communicating, assertiveness, delegating, problem-solving, organizing, or selling.


All projects are quoted on a total package basis. We will quote you the fee for your program, once the parameters have been set. Coaching packages are typically in 6- to 12-month increments.

Terms and Conditions

Once a program is authorized, we begin making arrangements and making commitments of time and resources on your behalf. Therefore, upon authorization to begin, the full amount for the engagement is required. t. All expenses relating to this project (e.g., transportation, parking, lodging, meals, incidentals) will be billed on a net 10 basis.