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Refine your business strategies, create new products or services smartly and quickly

Bottom-Line Focused Consulting with Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
  • Want help brainstorming your business, services, and products your market wants and will pay well for?
  • Do you know what it takes to produce a steady stream of revenue that doesn’t depend on your ability to climb aboard another plane?

Now is the time to discover what few others understand — how to move your business forward in record time! Learn from a bestselling author (25 books, nine languages), Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Management Consultant, international speaker who has already successfully done that for herself and many others.

What’s keeping you from moving forward in your business?

  • Need some guidance on how you can better distinguish yourself to potential clients?
  • Want to refine your offerings so it’s easier for prospects to buy?
  • Would you value some savvy feedback about how to make your website and marketing materials more compelling?
  • What to create products that will sell well and with the least amount of effort?
  • Not sure where you should focus first for the biggest payoff?
  • Want to rekindle your passion for what you do by being able to integrate your unique skills, talents and interests?
  • Would you benefit from someone to keep you accountable?

Whatever it is, Rebecca has probably dealt with it herself. Benefit from her nearly 30 years in the speaking/training/consulting business! Take years off your learning curve by tapping into her knowledge and experience with strategies, products and implementation plans that work to give you the highest payoff for your time and money. Tell her what you want to accomplish and let her guide you through how you can best accomplish it, given your budget, time and areas of focus you determine best suit your needs.

“Rebecca Morgan is a walking/talking encyclopedia of information about the speaking business. She is regarded as the go-to resource for making money in your jammies. If you want to generate more stay-at-home streams of revenue, systemize your operation so it’s more efficient and profitable, or launch new product lines, consulting with Rebecca is the quickest way to expedite immediate bottom-line results.” –Sam Horn, President of The Intrigue Agency

Rebecca can help you brainstorm, strategize and refine your efforts in:

  • Clarifying your uniqueness and how to maximize it. What do you do differently or better than anyone? How can you bring together your unique background into your brand?
  • Marketing to your key buyers — How to get in front of potential buyers; getting your name, face and offerings in front of key prospects. 

  • Developing product easily and profitably — How to create saleable products from live audio recordings, interviews, video footage; writing special reports and books; publishing these items.

  • Blogging for marketing and profit -— How to get more visitors, comments and SEO results. 

  • Designing high-impact speeches and trainings — How to design presentations to create the intended outcome; flow, interaction, even visuals.

  • Speaking abroad for fun and/or profit — How to get the bookings and how to make your presentation relevant to a foreign audience.

  • Creating dynamite, “must-keep” handout materials and take-aways — How to ensure your handouts — and therefore your contact information — is kept, and referred to again and again.

  •  Incorporating little-used customization techniques — Utilize more customization ideas to ensure your customer knows you have done your research. There are many easy-to-incorporate customization ideas that very few speakers use.

  • Delivering high-profit, low-work teleseminars and webinars— How to set up and conduct teleseminars/webinars as positioning tools and income producers.

  • Uncovering valuable resources — Learn the best sources of expertise (beyond her own). Who else can help your specific needs? Who is reliable and does what they promise?

  • Writing and placing articles for high payoff — How to choose article topics, target prime publications and websites, and brainstorm key points and angles.

  • Designing useful pre- and post-session surveys — Develop good pre-session attendee surveys and post-session follow-up pieces that cement your value to the customer and attendee.

  • Using profiles/assessments to increase value in your presentations — Help your audience members get even more value from your program by helping them assess their preferences in communication, listening, learning, leadership and more.

  • Managing your business more profitably — How to manage your business more effectively; staffing, both on-site and virtual; streamline office procedures; create contracts and other forms for clear and efficient communication. 

  • Redeploying content — Easily create books/ebooks from articles, blog entries, transcripts of presentations, and interviews. Morph the same content into different delivery mechanisms: MP3s, CDs, books, ebooks, special reports, white papers, eCouses, membership sites.
  • Creating guaranteed income from your Making Money In Your Jammies income stream — How to create products/services which people commit to buy over and over, even before they are produced.
  • Uncovering valuable resources — Learn the best sources of expertise (beyond her own). Who else can help your specific needs? Who is reliable and does what they promise?  
  • And more — Chances are, if you are wanting to create more income without getting on an airplane, Rebecca has figured out a way to do it already.

“Rebecca took two steps that made my interview with her exceptional. First, she read over the questions I prepared and suggested some better questions that would help me tell the Speakonomics!(TM) story in a way that a would attract and engage a new listener. Second, during the recording she interjected fresh questions generated by my answers, which gives the interviews a very lively sound and shows the listener that I have deep knowledge. She also introduced me to a recording expert she has worked with before, making the recording and editing process totally professional and painless for me.” –Susan Trivers

Why should I work with Rebecca?

After nearly 30 years in the speaking/training/consulting business, Rebecca has heard what most successful infopreneurs say about various income producing strategies. In addition to creating her own techniques and processes, she’s tried a lot of what they said and adapted it to her style. Rather than trying to figure out what would work for you, use the experience of someone who’s learned how to tweak information into practices that work. She’ll save you lots of time, money and headaches.

“You have been fantastic to work with! You’ve been such a great consultant on how to best streamline my process of selling, delivering and developing my material.” –Josiane Feigon

“Rebecca is without doubt the ‘coach’s coach.’ She has answers and insights to every question or issue I throw at her, plus she’s guiding me to actions that are yielding results.” — Roberta Guise, Guise Marketing & PR

How has Rebecca helped others?

“You really gave me a whack on the side of the head. I’d thought about coaching but couldn’t figure out how to get paid for it. I’ll work on setting up the program you designed immediately.”— Barbara Morris

  • A well-established speaker/consultant wanted to stop flying around the country and create more non-airplane income. In a few hours she helped her client create a package that will net $100,000 within 90 days of launch.
  • A well-niched consultant/coach wanted to increase her non-airplane offerings. Rebecca developed a plan which allowed her client to increase the product offer by 1,000%.
  • A nationally known consultant waned to create a CD to sell to her contacts. After reviewing the potential market, Rebecca prevented her from launching an expensive CD product that wouldn’t recoup the investment based on the marketing base.
  • An international trainer wanted to sell more to each client. Rebecca created a plan for her client to sell 3,000 units of a product to previous customers who wanted to cement her message in their organizations.
  • A beloved speaker/entertainer had a new product ready to print, but she didn’t know how she was going to sell it. Rebecca created a strategy to pre-sell 10,000 units to one client with a phone call.
  • A long-established sales trainer wanted to add product with little work. Rebecca co-created a teleseminar series that will not only yield income from the teleseminar and CD, but will increase the client’s speaking/training bookings immediately.
  • A new speaker/author wanted to create a system for her audience members to implement her concepts. Rebecca designed a coaching package for the client to sell to her ezine and audience members.
  • One client wanted to know how to increase the sales per customer. Rebecca bundled the product to increase the average sale — and profit — by 20%.
  • A sales trainer wanted to know how to sell to the same customer base beyond a one-time seminar. Rebecca created an immediate, ongoing product/service that the speaker is implementing to cement her presence with her target market and make gobs of money!
  • A new speaker wanted to get a major publisher to publish her already-written book. Rebecca helped her see how she could have copies of her book in a month, sell books as part of her presentation fee, and still seek an agent and publisher.
  • A veteran consultant wanted to know how to use his new book as a door-opener. Rebecca created a strategy to get referrals from current clients using his book, as well as a clever gimmick to get the attention of business book reviewers.
  • A speaker wanted to create an audio introduction of her services and unique philosophies. Rebecca chunked her content into four downloadable files she could send prospects, have on her web site, and upload to iTunes.
  • An industry expert wanted CDs to sell BOR at his next engagement. Rebecca refined his concept to include elements with much higher value and spun his initial CD idea into 6 CDs which could sell BOR individually or as a pre-packaged bundle.
  • A veteran consultant had health issues which limited her ability to deliver her expertise real time. Rebecca helped her position herself in a new niche and create products to support her brand so she could still profit from her intellectual capital.

How can I find out more about Rebecca’s expertise?

Rebecca is the author or co-author of 25 books and hundreds of audio programs. Two of her books are bestsellers, selling nearly a million copies together. She’s appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, USA Today, as well as many other publications and media. She has run a successful consulting practice for nearly 30 years. Additionally, she is Co-Publisher of which has a content-rich site and a weekly ezine full of best practice tips for speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches.

“Working in the highly competitive field of photography, I’m always looking for ways to innovate my business. Having applied some of Rebecca’s ideas helped my sales increase 33% and has enabled me to stay ahead of my competitors.” –Dov Friedmann

Rebecca has created income streams that don’t require her to get on airplanes, and has helped many others create high-quality, high-value, little-work products that they can sell easily to their existing clients.

Producing my book, expanding my speaking business and upgrading my web site were all “on hold” as all my energy went to putting out fires.  As my dreams slipped further away I got increasingly frustrated. Until I started working with Rebecca. In six short months she has coached me to remarkable results: my book is now published (I sold out  of the first printing in 3 months); clients are agreeing to my full fee  — and paying in advance; and my web site is something I’m proud of  instead of embarrassed by. Rebecca ideas and step-by-step coaching have put an extra $27,000 in my pocket in just these last 6 months.

The increase is a result of two things: my having a dream of how I could genuinely contribute to people’s lives, and Rebecca believing in me. I can truly say that Rebecca’s careful listening and her practical, resourceful suggestions have made the difference. She has that all-too- rare mix of no nonsense tell-it-like-it-is with humor and compassion. After a coaching session with Rebecca, I don’t just feel good, I get things done. If you want to accomplish your true dreams, coach with Rebecca Morgan. She’s brilliant.–Ben Bernstein, Ph.D., Performance Psychologist and author, Test Success!.

How much does this cost?

Not as much as you would think! In fact, she is offering a discount for you for a limited time off her corporate rates. Engage her now before she comes to her senses and starts charging her normal rates! In just a few hours, she has helped others come up with ideas to mplement immediately to make at least 10 times her fee in the next 90 days. All consultations can be in phone or in person.

  • 1-hour consultation $250 ($400 value) 
  • 3 60-minute consultations  $695  ($1200 value)  
  • 6 60-minute consultations  $1295 ($2400 value) 
  • 3 months of ongoing access $2750 ($ 5200 value) ($950/mo. if paid monthly) 
    You can have access to Rebecca’s vast expertise, up to 13 hours per 3 months. (Interview service charged separately — not included in this price.)
  • 6 months of ongoing access $5000 ($10,400 value)  ($850/mo. if paid monthly You can have access to Rebecca’s vast expertise, up to 26 hours per 6 months. (Interview service charged separately — not included in this price.)
  • Interview for your audio product (phone or in-person) $500 
    Utilize Rebecca’s 13 years of interviewing SNN teleseminar experts in order to create a new product for you. You discuss the recording’s content and flow for 30-60 minutes beforehand so she can understand your objectives, marketing strategy, target audience and topic. Then she records the real interview — usually over the phone. You record it, or she has resources that you can hire to record, then create an MP3 or CD master, put in tracks, etc.You can then sell the product, use it to explain your philosophies about your topic, or use it as a free download from your site.

“Thanks for your steady and warm moderation. I’ve never felt so intelligently guided on a call before! Your professionalism and preparedness help raise my own game.” –Howie Jacobson, Ph.D.

 As part of your consultation time, Rebecca will gladly review your product ideas, evaluate your current mock ups for products, watch your saleable video, listen to MP3s/CDs, or read your books/ebooks before or after your consultation. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about getting advice you aren’t ready to act on. She doesn’t just tell you what needs to be done — she can help you do it! As part of your consultation agreement, Rebecca can edit marketing materials, web pages, etc., and/or critique videos. But she won’t sacrifice quality by trying to do something she knows others can do better. If necessary, she’ll refer you to specialists when specific production, packaging, graphic art, or editing is needed beyond her expertise.

All fees are to be paid in full upon booking the consultation. Pay conveniently via our shopping cart using Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx, or send a check or PayPal.

How can I start tapping Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom?

Since this special half-price offer is limited, call (408/998-7977) or email her today to set an appointment!


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