Turn Your Slides into Books

You’ve got well-designed, informative, easy-to-read slides. They are so good that audiences ask for them every time you speak. You don’t mind sharing some of them, but you know audience members would get much more value if they had what you said when you shared the slide, along with links to research papers, assessments, and others’ relevant articles. And they’d get even more value if they had places to write their thoughts during your presentation and assessments that would help them understand the material better. People could use the material during your presentation as well as if they missed it.

You need to turn your slides into a book — you need to create a slook(tm)! That’s what Rebecca did and she can help you strategize what should be in the book, how to put it together, and how to pre-sell it to your clients.

Click on the bar at the bottom of this page to set up a free 15-minute appointment to see if you’re ready to engage her to coach you through the process. She created her first slook(tm) in 2 weeks and had the printed book in hand 2 weeks after that (that included printing and shipping time).