Produce Your Next Product Now!


Your to-do list has included “Create product” for months, years, maybe decades. Yet you get stuck as you’re not sure what to create, who would buy it, how much to charge, or how to actually go about producing it. You would love to have some step-by-step help by someone who’s been there, done that and knows what to do. Someone who’s been successful at creating and marketing information products and has helped gobs of others do the same. Someone who understands how to chunk down the steps and will walk you through it.

You’re ready to get going on making more money from your content and ideas. If you had a useful guide, you’d start today.

Rebecca Morgan is known for creatively repurposing one’s intellectual capital and reselling it in many different formats. She’s considered the Making Money In Your Jammies goddess. Staying with that metaphor, she’s created a series of coursettes.

“Rebecca Morgan is a walking/talking encyclopedia of information about the speaking business. She is regarded as the go-to resource for making money in your jammies. If you want to generate more stay-at-home streams of revenue, systemize your operation so it’s more efficient and profitable, or launch new product lines, consulting with Rebecca is the quickest way to expedite immediate bottom-line results.” –Sam Horn, President of The Intrigue Agency

 What is a coursette?’

 A corset is a foundation garment that binds, holds you in, and is often painful.

A coursette is something that unbinds you. It unleashes your potential; it takes you step by step to producing more revenue. It will take some work, but will be creative and you’ll have fun in the process!

 Rebecca’s coursettes are designed to walk through small groups of motivated infopreneurs to create and launch products they’ve been talking about creating for too long. In each 4-week coursette, she will guide you step-by-step on the path to creating one kind of product. Once you’ve completed the coursette, you can launch that specific product and easily replicate the steps for other topics using your template.

 How each Coursette works

 1.    Attend the 4 live sessions

 You’ll attend the 4-part live webinars with Rebecca and other participants for each lesson and discussion. Rebecca will discuss trends in the turned in assignments as well as prepare you for the week’s focus.

2.    Do the week’s assignment focusing on the product you want to create

 Each week’s assignment should take you 30-60 minutes. These assignments are based on the thinking and work you need to do to provide viable, money-making products based on your expertise and market.

 3.    Get feedback from your learning buddy

If you want individual feedback, you can choose a learning buddy from the list of participants. Turn in your homework to him/her and give each other feedback. It’s sometimes easier to apply the lessons to someone else’s work as you have an objective eye. You can then take your buddy’s input and update your work.

4.    Turn in your assignments to Rebecca for possible feedback in the live webinars

Between webinars, you’ll apply the learning to your product by completing and submitting your assignments. Those who turn in their assignments to Rebecca at least 24 hours in advance of the next session and who are in attendance at that session are eligible for Rebecca’s feedback. She’ll choose one or two people’s work for review with the group during the webinar.

5.    Launch your new product

If you do the assignments on schedule, in a month, you should have a product ready (or just awaiting polishing touches) to launch. And you’ll then be making more money without getting out of your jammies.

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