Producing Your Income-Producing Teleseminars and Webinars – Finally!

You’ve heard of colleagues making millions from teleseminars and webinars. But you have yet to give one. It just seems so daunting. So much to learn What sells? At what price? Would my clients buy? Which format is right for me and my customers? How do you set it up? Can you use the slides from your regular talks? How do I ensure attendees pay attention? How do I record the session? Can I sell it afterwards?

So many questions. You really need someone to walk you through the process in bite-sized steps so you can finally make it happen. You’ve been on the sidelines too long. It’s time to do this! 

If this sounds like you, then you are ready for this 4-week program to step you through the process. You’ll get weekly live group webinars with bite-sized homework each week to create what you need to produce for each step. If you do the homework and attend each session, by the end of the 4th week you’ll have a webinar or teleseminar ready to launch.

Get started:

Nov. 1 — Session 1: Determining Your Marketing Plan

You don’t want to waste time on launching a product with minimal chance of success. You need to think through what your customers would most likely buy. Some markets are more used to virtual learning than others. Some topics are more marketable than others. This week you’ll look at your most viable marketing strategies.

 Nov. 8 — Session 2: Designing Engaging Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations (webinars and teleseminars) have some commonalities with in-person talks. However there are some real differences in keeping attendees engaged. You need to know how to design the slides and handouts, create and launch polls, manage attendees’ questions, and invite discussions. In this session, we’ll cover how to design each of these components for an engaging webinar.

 Nov. 15 — Session 3: Set Up Your Webinar Online

 This session will step you through the process from setting up your webinar registration for your attendees, enabling a practice session, adding the session description and polls. You’ll learn how to record the session so you can send the link to registrants for replay, or for selling the recording afterwards. We’ll use GoToWebinar as the sample.

Nov. 22 — Session 4: Making Subsequent Sales

 Now that you’re comfortable giving a teleseminar/webinar, how can you maximize your revenue from them? How can you promote them before and after they are recorded? How can you create bundles from these sessions before and after the live sessions? How can you sell a license to clients so their employees can access them? How can you provide additional value to your in-person presentations by offering webinars as follow-up reinforcement? How can you use the questions attendees posted for blog postings, articles or follow up with the group? 

Coursette Investment – 3 options        

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  • Coursette only                              $399                          $249 
  •  Coursette plus 1-hour individual coaching w/Rebecca

                                                              $649                          $499 

  • Coursette plus 3 months of ongoing access

                                                               $5499                         $2750  – Coursette is then free!