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Calming Upset CustomersCalming Upset Customers (book)

How do you make your upset customers happy? What can you do to ensure upset customers will return, will be satisfied, and will refer others to you? Learn what upset customers want, how to calm them, and how to retain their business. Upset customers are a part of every organization. If they are responded to promptly and professionally they will become some of your most loyal customers. You’ll learn how to do this. Having sold over 250,000 copies, this business bestseller has been featured in/on 60 Minutes, USA Today, Oprah Winfrey, Home Office Computing, and National Public Radio, Singapore’s Straits Times, and many, many more media.

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Remarkable Customer Service … and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers’ Delight (Book)

Can Your Team Improve Your Customer’s Delight?

We like to think our staff are just as good when we aren’t around as when we are. But not all of them are. Some are doing downright stupid things to your customers. And driving them away.

How do you know what they’re doing? You can’t always know. But you can regularly reinforce what you want them to do. Not by lecturing at them, nagging and scolding. But by presenting scenarios and discussing them, either as a group or individually.

Remarkable Customer Service … and Disservice is designed to be a tool for growth — for you, individual staff members, and your whole team.



You can use this book for:

  • Improving your team’s behaviors: Discuss specific case studies in a staff meeting. Solicit ideas on how your organization and/or each team member can utilize the lessons. Ask staff to make a commitment to improve one behavior as a result of the case study.
  • Enhancing individual team member’s skills: Meet to discuss specific case studies that parallel the person’s challenges. It’s often easier to spot when someone else is performing below par, but not recognize it in themselves.
  • Refining your management practices: Decide how you can integrate each case study’s lessons into your organization’s processes.

Remarkable Customer Service … and Disservice will help you explore your and your team’s philosophies about excellent customer service. It includes:

  • Real-life examples of both exemplary and horrible customer service.
  • Questions to explore your and your team’s analysis of the case study service provider’s behavior.
  • Ideas on how you can improve your group’s service delivery

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Managers Discussion Guide Program

Make your staff meetings come alive in 20-30 minutes per month, with no prep by you! The Managers Discussion Guide Program focuses on 12 customer service topics.

“We are getting much better comments from our customer base and I attribute it to these sessions!” —Barbara Laskin

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