Life’s Lessons

Life’s Lessons: Insights and Information For a Richer Life

Rebecca Morgan imparts her wit and wisdom in this captivating book as she shares her experiences and discusses sage lessons with her readers. Life’s Lessons: Insights and Information for a Richer Life is both a mixture of philosophy and practical ideas. It’s a compendium of astute essays on the lessons life provides us and how to use these teachings to create a richer life.

Rebecca uses her own experiences to spawn life’s lessons-giving yourself a motivational talk, taking a calculated risk, or how our lives parallel hiking a muddy trail in Molokai.

She speaks as if she were sitting next to you, sharing her insights conversationally and with humor. Rebecca is simultaneously humorous and profound.

You’ll enjoy the easy to read, short chapters which make Life’s Lesson’s engaging. Come, start learning the lessons Rebecca has to share…

“I’ve listened to the Life Lessons tapes and have really gained some insight and “tools” as to how I should be navigating my way through life and interacting with others.” –Claudia Trujillo


This is a collection of some of my most popular articles — most have been published in national periodicals over the last ten years. My audiences had wanted to read more of my unique spin on life’s events. So I compiled these into one neat volume. Of all my writings, these are the closest to my heart. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as the thousands of others who’ve read them in various periodicals.


  • About the Author
  • A Formula For Growth
  • Being Coached To Be Your Best
  • Life’s Lessons
  • Giving Yourself a Motivational Talk
  • Giving Verbal Hugs
  • Creating Your Own Paradise
  • Giving up Good for Better
  • Waves Are Like People
  • What’s In A Name?
  • Taking Calculated Risks
  • Even Communication Experts Miscommunicate
  • The Power of Commitment
  • Are You Listening?
  • The Trail As Life
  • The Power of Our Words
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