Authentic Leadership

Becoming an Authentic and Influential Leader: Benefiting from Strategic Authenticity

Common advice is, “Be yourself.” But is it always possible — and advisable — to be your full self in every situation? What does it really mean to “be yourself”? Does it mean you should behave with your boss the same as when you’re with family and close confidants?

Natural leaders develop trust with their followers, in part because of their authenticity. When you allow yourself to share key parts of who you are, others want to follow you.

Learn about the Authenticity Continuum(tm) and be cognizant of how much of your true self to disclose in each situation. Inauthenticity — or being fake — is not the goal. Being savvy about how much to reveal is.

In this highly participatory, activity-based skill-shop, you’ll garner key insights by examining your behaviors after each activity. You’ll have fun while you learn key ideas you can apply the next day.

Participants will understand how to:

  • be strategic about how much to reveal to help accomplish their goals
  • be savvy without being manipulative
  • learn from other people’s sharing too much
  • influence others whom you don’t have authority (peers, other departments)
  • understand how it feels to have an effective — and an ineffective — leader
  • experience how problems get solved without the leader’s taking charge to develop your staff to step into leadership

45- to 90 minutes; 1/2- to full-day interactive master class

View a short clip from “Authentic Leadership: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity” presented to 300 executive women at a women’s leadership conference.

This brief clip discusses a formula for creating personal power. It is part of Rebecca’s presentations on leadership.