Effectively Growing Your Key Talent: Are You Sunlight and Water — or Just Manure?

Are your team members growing or shriveling? Are you enabling them to flourish or causing them to wilt? How can you grow your own skills as well as nourish those with whom you work? How can you ensure even exemplars to grow their skills?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, managers or executives, you are struggling with more to do and fewer resources. Maybe you work alone or perhaps you’ve got a team. You know if you aren’t moving forward with key projects, you’re losing ground and your competitors are like weeds — ready to overtake your customers, employees and business.

You need to keep your and your team members’ skills sharp, but not sure how to do that on a limited (or no) budget. Rebecca will share her thoughts on keeping growing to thrive and not letting your business die from lack of tending.

Rebecca will discuss:

  • Why your best employees may be ready to leave – and your best customers might go with them
  • Why maintaining status quo means you’re losing ground
  • How you can develop your people with limited – or no – budget
  • How to get the highest ROI from any development effort

45-90 min., half-day