Influencing Others When You’re Not Their Boss

Successful people understand how to get others to provide what they need to complete projects. If you are dependent on people who don’t report to you, it can be challenging. It can be frustrating – or even infuriating.

So how can you influence others who you need to provide you crucial work before you can complete yours? You need to become more savvy to how you currently influence others and what you could do to be even better.

In this highly participatory workshop you’ll experience activities that spawn insights and a rich discussion of how you behaved in various scenarios – what worked and what didn’t. You’ll then see how those behaviors mirror how you behave at work. You’ll see how what you’re doing on the job is working, or what can be done even better.

Participants will:

  • Examine their experience of being influenced by others? What’s worked and what hasn’t?
  • Reflect on how they influence others
  • Look at how their communication style creates enrollment or repels it
  • Discover how trust increase influence and how can you increase others’ trust in you
  • See how to get their ideas heard and implemented

Download the one-page PDF of this program description