Persuasion Skills for Non-Traditional Salespeople

(This program is designed for customer service providers, public relations account executives, accountants or lawyers who aren’t yet comfortable with suggesting additional products/services, even when they will be beneficial to the clients.) 

How can you politely suggest additional services to clients without seeming pushy? What is the proper way to broach an added service without offending the client? How can you make sure the client appreciates your suggestions? How should you handle resistance? 

This program is designed for anyone who has responsibility for providing information to customers or potential customers to help her/him decide to use your company’s services. Anyone would benefit who has one-on-one client interactions including phone calls, yet doesn’t think of her/himself in a sales role, and may not be sure s/he want to be in sales or uncertain s/he would be good at it. 


Key Benefits of Attending: 

You’ll assess your own sales skills. 

Ascertain what your strengths and weaknesses are in sales. Then you can use your assets fully, and focus on improving other areas. 

You’ll understand what sales really means. 

When you suggest an additional service you are actually helping the client enhance his/her company’s profitability. Your suggestion could result in the customer’s company enhancing their business, or running their operations more effectively. 

You’ll learn specific ways to suggest additional services, and ways not to suggest it. 

Your word choice has a major impact on how responsive a client will be to your suggestions. We’ll discuss how to phrase the suggestion to be most positively received. 

You’ll understand how your body language and tone of voice sets the stage for receptivity. 

Clients decide if they’re going to listen to your suggestions based upon many things, including your body language and tone of voice. Learn how to communicate positively. 

You’ll know how to listen for sales opportunities. 

Clients often mention their needs in passing. You can become aware of these cues, and take initiative to respond to them. 

You’ll practice your new skills in a safe environment. 

People learn new skills by doing them. In our non-threatening environment you’ll have a chance to practice these skills before approaching a client. This way you have a chance to make modifications and feel more confident in an on-the-job situation. 

Course Objectives: 

Participants will: 

• Learn how to broach the topic of additional products/services. 

• Learn how to conduct a successful sales conversation. 

• Know how to ask probing questions. 

• Respond to concerns and objections. 

• Be able to close for a commitment. 

• Understand how to adapt their communication to their customer. 

• Listen better to their customers’ needs. 

• Understand how to easily track follow up actions.