Video clips

In January, 2019, I was a main stage speaker on my most recent book, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times at the Asia CEO Forum. Here’s a 17-minute segment.


In April 2017, when I was speaking in Auckland, NZ, I was invited to be on the Cath Vincent TV show. I shared my philosophies on improving one’s communication skills.

Here’s the 7-minute segment.


Here’s a short clip from my presentation, “Work. Play. Give. — Creating a Thriving Workplace.” This is from the “Work” portion when I presented this program for a small group of business leaders in Bangkok in May 2017.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur, the company Leaderonomics interviewed me about the “Communication Continuum,” a key part of my presentation on authentic leadership. Here’s the short piece::


These 3 short clips are from “Authentic Leadership: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity” presented to 300 executive women at a women’s leadership conference. More details on this presentation.

The Power of Strategic Authenticity

Formula for Growth

Authentic Leadership


This brief clip is from “Authentic Leadership: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity” presented to 400 HR professionals at the Singapore HR Summit. I use the children’s balloon passing game as a metaphor to help the participants see how they lead. They applauded after the activity, even though the session wasn’t over. One delegate told me the session was the highlight of the whole conference!


This series of clips are from “The Power of Our Words.” This program was delivered to a general audience aboard a cruise ship, but can be easily adapted to leaders and managers. More details on that talk are here.

The whole 40-minute program is at the end of this page.

When you watch these clips you should know that the seas were very high this day. The ship was rolling and pitching dramatically. So while the camera is stable, I make some odd steps to the side or stand a little awkwardly. It’s to prevent myself from being pitched off the ballroom stage!

Words Help or Hinder

Are You Aware of Your Words?

Avoid Foot in Mouth

Conscious Communication

Audience Engagement

Honesty Continuum

Words Can Help Heal

Words Are Like Scalpels

The Power of Our Words — full 40-minute program