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Ensure You Shine in Your Virtual Presentations

Polish your virtual setup and interactivity to broadcast your credibility, authenticity and engagement

You’ve got great content and delivery.

But does your at-home studio production setup detract from your brilliance?

Virtual speakers would benefit from a savvy eye to ensure their virtual setup makes them come across their best in their presentations.

Hollywood movie makers enlist a host of experts to ensure the stars look their best.

But virtual speakers don’t have that help.

You don’t always know how you’re seen by your viewers.

A tiny tweak of camera angle, eye focus, lighting, or mic may make a world of difference.

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, CVP, has been giving virtual presentations since 1997, including the extreme challenge of virtual standup comedy. She’s observed how even professional broadcasters fail at the basics of at-home interviews.

And they have professional crew as advisors!

Most presenters don’t have this kind of input — until now!

Rebecca can offer a helpful, trained eye and ear to ensure you are seen — and experienced — as your best.

You are being compared to professional broadcasters at home, and million-dollar YouTubers.

You are a professional! Which means you need to make sure you shine in the virtual space. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to appear even better than you do today!

Rebecca will check your:

• Camera angle
• Eye focus
• Lighting
• Background
• Sound quality (if you have more than one mic option, we’ll check which is best)
• Ability to see what your audience sees
• Slide readability

In addition to the basics, Rebecca can expertly and efficiently assist with

• Audience participation techniques
• Utilizing little-used Zoom tools
• Instructions for your viewers on how to view best
• How to adjust the PIP size/placement if using an ATEM
• Optimal placement of script if reading on screen
• General input on wardrobe (at least what the camera sees — you can wear your fuzzy slippers if you want!) Rebecca is not an image consultant, but usually has an opinion on if your attire supports or distracts from your brand.

Rebecca is tech savvy, but not a tech expert, so she won’t be a good resource for you in these areas. 

• Specific cameras, lights, mics, or green screen options
• Streamdeck, OBS, EpocCam, ManyCam or other software

Rebecca is happy to refer you to experts who can help you work out the equipment.

“Working with Rebecca really amped up not only my skills, but even more importantly, my confidence! Her insights on camera angles, sharing with your group how they can get the best views, how to help everyone feel comfortable with the controls, and how to get the most even when calling in by phone were invaluable! And practicing interaction made it work like a breeze when I went live! Having the opportunity to test out the tips she shared, and get immediate feedback to tweak and enhance, I was armed with everything I needed to be my best on my virtual programs. This left me free to give my full attention where it needed to be: on my participants!” —Cher Holton, Ph.D., CSP, CMC

“Working with Rebecca has been a professional investment to myself and subsequently to my clients. It is also a no brainer. Once you are aware of the invaluable service she offers at a price so affordable, the question should be, ‘Why wouldn’t I do this?’ Not, ‘Should I?’ Discerning, trustworthy, and truly helpful, let all of Rebecca’s research and experience serve you to serve your clients.” —Holly Stiel

“Rebecca is a true pro when it comes to presentations. She knows how to enhance your skills and take you to the next level as a confident and engaging virtual presenter.” –Susan Friedmann, CSP, CVP

Two options for you:

30-Minute Review

Make a list in order of priority of what you want Rebecca to check with you. If we don’t get to everything on your list, you can apply what you paid toward a 60-minute review and consultation.

Purchase a 30-minute review $99


60-Minute In-Depth Review and Consultation

We can work through your priority lists of items to check, as well as go into more depth on virtual audience involvement techniques, slide design for virtual presentations, and how to use your virtual performance space most effectively.

Purchase a 60-minute in-depth review and consultation $150


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