Winter 2018

Winter 2018

A Personal Note
You may know that I started a non-profit in 2001 called Books for Treats. We encourage people to give children’s books at Halloween instead of candy. Our motto is “Give brain candy.” This year, in San José over 7500 books were given to enthusiastic kids, and a number of other distribution sites were scattered over the US and Canada. We love seeing the delighted kids’ faces when they choose a book for their treat!
Jan. 20-Feb. 2, I’m returning to the Philippines to speak and visit projects we support through Together We Can Change the World, which serves impoverished women and children in SE Asia. in Cebu we’ll conduct a public seminar on Jan. 25 and a women’s leadership forum on Jan. 26. In Manila on Jan. 29 we’ll provide another a public seminar. Please let me know if you know someone who’d like to attend or engage me while I’m in the area.

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Join Leadership USA-Silicon Valley Simulcast Seminars from Anywhere!
I continue to provide monthly Leadership USA-Silicon Valley simulcast seminars featuring my colleagues.

You can participate in these sessions via four ways

  • If you are in Silicon Valley, join our members’ managers/leaders for our locally facilitated, real-time simulcast.
  • If you are not in Silicon Valley, you can stream this at your location with a group of your leaders. Contact me if you want to know more.
  • You can join with your own device. If you want to participate in the exercises with others in our facilitated site, you can join in the discussions via your cell phone if you let me know you want to do that.
  • You can purchase the recording and facilitate it yourself with a group of your managers/leaders at your own pace — either in one day, or spread out over three 90-minute sessions. This is great for distributed teams.

Upcoming sessions:

Stop Offering Feedback

I’m sure I’m not the only one who bristles when someone asks, “Can I give you some feedback?” It’s usually unsolicited advice about something the giver feels you did wrong.Rarely is there any inquiry first into your reasoning for the behavior, just, in essence, “You did something I don’t like.” It is often focused on what you have already done, feeling like criticism for something you now cannot change, rather than suggestions for moving forward.

Some feedback is completely unhelpful. When someone writes a generality on a presentation evaluation, or passes on a third-party opinion, there’s no way to ask questions for clarification on what was offensive and how you could make it less so.

Get tips on how to offer suggestions for improvement.

A Formula for Growth

Unfortunately, growth doesn’t always come easily; often we feel “stuck.” If you’re feeling stuck, read this formula to help you get unstuck.

Don’t Make Decisions for Me Without Consulting Me

While we think we are doing the person a favor by not involving him/her in our plans, we are making a decision for her without consulting her. We think we know her well enough to know what she would like.

Find out why this is misguided.

Why Venting is Toxic

Venters say it makes them feel better to get their upset off their chest. I think of it like coughing without covering your mouth—it makes you feel better to release what needs to be released, but you are spreading your negative thoughts to those around you, most of whom don’t want to hear it. So while it may make *you* feel better, it makes other innocent bystanders feel worse.

Read more on what to do when you need to vent.

Downloadable Image Quotes

I’ve begun to make downloadable images like the ones in the previous articles—to help people remember my key quotes from my articles and presentations. Feel free to browse the gallery and download any that appeal to you. You can make them part of your screensaver, or print them for your desk or sprinkled throughout your workplace.

Get a Deal if I’m Near You!

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  • Nov. 13 Silicon Valley
  • Dec. 11 Silicon Valley
  • Jan. 20-27 Cebu, PI
  • Jan. 28-Feb. 2 Manila
  • Feb. 19 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • Mar 13 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • April 10 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • May 14 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • June 19 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • July 8-12 Singapore
  • July 13-17 Siem Reap
  • July 18-20 Chiang Mai
  • July 26-31 Denver
  • Aug. 14 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • Sept. 10 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • Oct. 8 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • Nov. 7 Silicon Valley (hold)
  • Dec. 5 Silicon Valley (hold)

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Calming Upset Customers

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Professional Selling

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