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July/August 2012

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
Certified Speaking Professional
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Developing your key talent for strategic growth

Grow Your Key Talent


Get a Deal if I'm Near You!  

You can save money by piggybacking with my other clients. If you want to explore what I could do to help your people be more effective, contact me ASAP so I can work you into my travel schedule.

Or get several companies together for a presentation. Or gift your clients with a presentation for their teams.

Sept. 13-14 Chicago

Oct. 3-5 Istanbul
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March 29-31 (hold) Australia
April 17-20 Malaysia
April 21-25 Singapore
April 26-30 Thailand
May 1-4 Cambodia
May 11 Washington, DC


Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice

Calming Upset Customers

This book is full of examples of superior customer service ... and below par service. Following each example are questions to ask your team to prompt discussions of what went right - or wrong. Then you can decide how to use the lessons to improve your customers' delight.

Get your copy (hard copy or eBook) of Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers' Delight today!

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Grow Your Key Talent

Calming Upset Customers

Many executives think that only HR needs to think about how to grow their internal leadership. By offloading all the thinking about this they are sure to stunt their company's growth. This book helps you examine what you should be considering when looking at helping your people grow to take on more responsibilities.

Get your copy (hard copy or eBook) of Grow Your Key Talent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives and Managers on Developing Star Staff today! 

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Give Me a Call!


I'm always happy to brainstorm with you.



Does Your Service Staff Have an "Easy" Button? 


I admit it, I'm jaded. My experiences with most government employees has been negative. Most of the ones I've encountered have had lackadaisical attitudes and full of "I can't do that" verbiage, rather than seeing if they can find a solution.


Granted, from my government clients, I understand that there are limits to what they can do. Yet occasionally I find an enlightened government employee who says, "Let me see what I can do" rather than telling me all the work I need to do to accomplish what I need.

Read about this government service star. 


When You Want to Communicate, You'll Find a Way


I'm accompanying a dozen Turkish students on a bus going to the Aegean Sea for a boat ride. I've joined with other Americans whose purpose is to spend a week with these kids helping them with conversational English through the EngliverCity English school. 

My seatmate, 14-year-old Burak, has middling English skills. However, what he lacks in competency, he makes up with in desire. 



Are You Accusatory?


It's easy to get angry and defensive when someone accuses you of something you didn't do.


Yet have you examined if you speak in accusatory language?



Are You Resigned to the Status Quo?


There are always circumstances beyond your control. Coworkers who drop the ball. Suppliers who lose your order. Vendors who over-promise and under-deliver.


So you learn to control what you can.


Everyday Lagniappe


You may know the word "lagniappe" is a Cajun phrase for giving something extra. It can be a physical item or going out of your way for someone.


If you want to stand out, you provide lagniappe, whether as a corporate employee, an entrepreneur, or as a person. You stand out by giving beyond what someone expects.


Lagniappe experiences are memorable.  Here are a few examples from the last few weeks.  


Are You Doing the Best You Can?


I've always been troubled hearing the phrase "I'm doing the best I can." (Or "S/he is doing the best s/he can.")


My immediate thought is: "Really? Are you (or they) *really* doing the best you (they) can?"

What's your reaction to this phrase? 


Cambodian Uber-Service Star

When you're in a foreign country, it's comforting to know someone will look out for you, right? You want to have the peace of mind that someone you can trust will help you make plans and take care of your needs. 


Meet Dany Noun Rath of the wonderful Borei Angkor Resort in Siem Reap. Dany is one of the rare individuals who not only responds to your requests, she pro-actively suggests activities that she believes you'd enjoy.

Read more about what sets Dany apart. 


Are Your Staff Losing You Revenue?

There's no way to watch what each of your employees does. So you have no idea if some of them are actively refusing requests from potential customers that would be pure profit. 



I'm Returning to Turkey, SE Asia and Maybe Australia!

If you know people in these parts of the world who would benefit from my working with their team to be more productive, effective, and profitable, please connect us ASAP as I'm making my travel plans soon. Or maybe you want me to work with your group! 


Let's Connect on LinkedIn

If you're a member of LinkedIn, let's connect there. Please just send me an invitation with a reminder of how we know each other, or just "ezine reader" and I'll accept the invitation. Just click here to go to my profile and send me an invitation. 

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