Defrosting Telephone Cold Calls (MP3)

This studio-recorded presentation covers important questions such as: How do you get through telephone “guards” — the receptionist? How do you overcome call reluctance? How can you qualify the call to see if your product/service and the prospect are a good fit?

“This superb recording provides invaluable pointers on significant details that are often overlooked by cold-callers. You’ll find this session a worthwhile addition to your library.” –James Crawford, Reviewer, Personal Selling Power


Creating Sales Success (MP3)

This studio-recorded presentation is based upon interviews with top sales performers and what they said made them successful. It categorizes their comments into four main behaviors of successful salespeople. This program was so well received, Nightingale-Conant asked Rebecca to record it for their popular “Sound Selling” audio magazine.


Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales (book)

You’ll learn how you can close more sales. It covers how to get prospects, make cold calls, get down to business, close for commitment, overcome objections, understand what your prospect wants, manage your paperwork and follow up easily. Sold over 250,000 copies.

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