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Do you have situations like these?


 A CEO is feeling inundated now that he’s working from home and managing virtual teams. He doesn’t want to confide his personal productivity challenges to internal resources. He fears his “inadequacies” may get out to the wrong people. He needs new practices that will help him focus on his tasks and on his team’s productivity.

Two teams who work together often have virtual team challenges and animosity which hinders their ability to agree on deliverables and timelines. The two managers know they need to do something to enhance the trust and respect between their teams. They know they need to help them build bridges and appreciate what the other team brings to the project.


A start up recently lost two critical team members because they felt they were not granted opportunities for development. Their managers were surprised as they had no idea this was a need. The executive team decided all managers needed to learn to more effectively communicate with their direct reports to uncover needs like this before they became problems.

A manager is challenged with how to keep a remote team engaged. Several employees regularly attend meetings with their video off. They seem distracted when called on. She’d like ideas and help implementing ways to ensure everyone is engaged and comfortable sharing if they have competing demands. She wants help creating psychological safety among her team members.

Rebecca’s Management/Executive Coaching Services

Focuses on how to manage virtual teams, increasing productivity and performance. We look at what gets in the way of the coachee’s being most effective. We discuss more productive ways to get results.


Involves supportive, caring, respectful, and non-judgmental communication. It’s our job to help the coachee create more effective behaviors, not condemn past behaviors. We help the person retain self-respect, while still pushing for specific action steps and behavioral deliverables.

Creates solutions specific to the organization’s and individual’s needs. It could involve skills from many disciplines: psychological safety, communicating, assertiveness, delegating, problem-solving, organizing, or selling.


We uncover the root cause of an ineffective behavior or situation. We work with you to resolve the fundamentals that stifle success, and create action plans to instill more effective processes and behaviors.

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