What Is Psychological Safety?

Why is it key to your organization’s success?

How do you increase it with your teams?

Psychological safety is the top component in high-performing teams

• Do you know how to harness psychological safety while managing your team?
• Would you like your staff to be excited to work on your team?
• Do you know how to utilize transparency to get the most from your team?
• Are you concerned about keeping employees motivated?
• Would you like your staff to share ideas on how to increase effectiveness?

Many corporate professionals are struggling with being productive in today’s changing environment.

Concerns about health, job security, and social upheaval for themselves and their loved ones weigh on them. As do new distractions and responsibilities.

By creating psychological safety at work, leaders can better manage and motivate their teams for greater employee engagement, innovation, and productivity. 

Having psychological safety means being even more conscious of the challenges of remote working for employers and the emotional strain team members are facing. It provides them with a healthy, safe place to be vulnerable and have their voice heard, as well as ensuring better understanding and communication at work.

This can help them continue to grow their skills to create a foundation for your company’s success over the next 1-5 years.

Get solutions to your team challenges

Rebecca is one of the most respected and sought-after psychological safety, team leadership development and performance strategy experts in America and internationally. Rebecca can partner with you to:

• Better meet your current and future business goals.
• Improve handling today’s challenges and tomorrow’s disruptions
• Create strategies and use new tools to be more productive.
• Identify and develop skills critical for individual and team success.
• Enhance remote relationships from colleagues to customers

Rebecca can help you enhance your team’s psychological safety in a variety of ways, depending on your desired outcomes


Virtual and In-Person Keynotes

You want a unque presenter to inspire and educate your audience with a customized, relevant and interactive program, focused on actionable ideas.

Rebecca speaks around the globe in person and virutally. She now leverages the the many tools afforded by the virtual platform to ensure they are as engaging insight-generating, and action focused as her in-person sessions.

Training Master Classes & Custom Academies

You want team members to improve their effectiveness and sharpen their skills to prepare for not only today’s challenges, but to smoothly transition to tomorrow’s, and prepare them for new responsibilities.

You know a custom solution will provide a much higher ROI than an off-the-shelf, canned program. 

Whether it’s one hour focused on one topic, or an “academy” series  to provide more extensive development, Rebecca can help.


Consulting and Coaching

You want someone to work with you to help you or your team perform at your best.  Whether consulting or coaching  Rebecca partners with you and/or your team to examine your current issues, define your objectives, and craft an execution plan to accomplish those goals.  

Highly Regarded Assessments

Create high-performing team members utilizing validated assessments with Wiley Publishing’s highly regarded assessments on leadership, management, sales, communication, conflict, productivity, listening and teams.



Whether working virtually or in-person, a retreat or off-site would help your team be more connected and collaborative when they know each other better. 

You want a highly participative, insight-generating retreat.


Some of your best thinkers are not the best presenters. Yet their insights, wisdom, best practices are valuable for others to hear.

Rebecca has been interviewing thought leaders for over 20 years, helping bring out their best ideas to share with others. She can interview your leaders, your clients, industry leaders, and/or innovative individual contributors. The interviews can be live during an event, or pre-recorded, and can be used on your marketing page and/or social media.



To keep your event humming, you need an emcee to set an upbeat tone, treat everyone respectfully, add a little humor, and keep the event on time. You need someone who can shift on a moment’s notice, adding announcements, adjusting their comments to keep the mood high and the event on time.s.  

Master Panel Moderation

Panels can be a highlight — or lowlight — of an event. It’s not easy to moderate a panel that has attendees positively buzzing. Rebecca will work with the panelists to determine where they can contribute the most thought-provoking comments.