In-Person & Virtual Off-Site or Retreat Facilitation

Why should Rebecca facilitate your retreat?

You want a facilitator who:

• allows each member of the team to participate fully, rather than your worrying about running the meeting. Rebecca steers the meeting so you can be fully involved and not distracted by tracking time or agenda items, while also managing the personalities.

• is an impartial party, not biased toward any person, idea or department. Rebecca masterfully keeps the discussion on focus, reducing tangents and tactfully limiting unproductive comments.

• introduces and solicits ground rules to ensure the discussion is professional and productive. Rebecca ensures that the conversation stays professional and doesn’t slip into personal attacks.

• keeps the group on track. Rebecca’s laser focus helps you stay on topic, rather than digressing into long personal stories with no relevance to the defined desired outcomes.

• is flexible, playful, and honoring, so the attendees feel heard and know their well-being is taken care of. Rebecca allows for real-time modifications if the group agrees it is in the best interest of the discussion. She creates an atmosphere of psychological safety and fun with focus.

• is personable, so your group feels comfortable discussing whatever comes up. You want someone who is equally accomplished as your high-level attendees so they give her the respect that is needed for someone managing your meeting. Rebecca has impressive example of how Rebecca turned a disparate group into a cohesive one.

Rebecca loves creating retreats with a mix of professional and personal growth exercises. These can be as little as a day and as long as a week. The longer sessions allow for more depth of insights and growth, and are a perfect reward for key talent you want to retain.