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Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times

Learn the leadership secrets companies are using to stay high performing as teams work at home.

Rebecca is available in-person and virtually for a customized interactive session for you:
• 30-90 minute interactive keynote or overview
• full day (can be broken into several sessions)
• multiple-session deep dive master class

We are all experiencing never-before-seen disruption.

How are you leading through this time?

Is your remote team motivated and effective under your leadership?

As a leader you not only have to embrace create new ways to work differently yourself, you have to create an environment where your team members seek and welcome productive change.

Being successful during this disruption depends on deep trust with your team. You need to encourage team members to be innovative, challenge traditional thinking, continually question best practices, and look with a fresh perspective. New ways of thinking create new outcomes.

How can you create a trusting environment that welcomes disruptive change?

In Rebecca’s session, you’ll hear key ideas from some of Silicon Valley’s most admired companies, like Airbnb, Facebook, Intel, Pixar, and others. You’ll learn the details of Google’s study of what made its most productive teams. These ideas can be applied to any organization, especially those seeking or reacting to disruption.

Google discovered that leaders of top teams created an environment where team members feel safe to disagree with them, offer new ideas, and even fail. What they are talking about is psychological safety, which is Rebecca’s area of expertise. She has been speaking, training, and consulting on this topic for decades!

Are your leaders skilled in how to create and maintain this critical element? If not, you’ll see team members disengaged, not striving for better processes and products, and afraid of speaking up to counter groupthink, nor offering new ideas. We can fix that — if your leaders are willing to learn and act on the ideas shared. It can help improve communication at work, shared decision making, confidence, and employee appreciation.

In Rebecca’s session, participants will understand:

  • How current disruptive companies may affect their business
  • Airbnb’s, Pixar and other’s environment that encourages innovative thinking
  • Key ideas from successful Silicon Valley companies, as well as others,  that keep their teams humming
  • Google’s 5 top elements for creating an effective team and how leaders can apply these to their organization
  • Facebook’s surprising findings on why good employees leave — and how to prevent their exit

Full presentation video

Rebecca Morgan’s Thoughts on Disruption

Google’s Project Aristotle

Leading for Impact

Thoughts on Airbnb’s Environment & Disruption

Influencing Others When You’re Not Their Boss

Successful people understand how to get others to provide what they need to complete projects. If you are dependent on people who don’t report to you, it can be challenging. It can be frustrating – or even infuriating.

So how can you influence others who you need to provide you crucial work before you can complete yours? You need to become more savvy to how you currently influence others and what you could do to be even better.

In this highly participatory workshop you’ll experience activities that spawn insights and a rich discussion of how you behaved in various scenarios – what worked and what didn’t. You’ll then see how those behaviors mirror how you behave at work. You’ll see how what you’re doing on the job is working, or what can be done even better.

Participants will:

  • Examine their experience of being influenced by others? What’s worked and what hasn’t?
  • Reflect on how they influence others
  • Look at how their communication style creates enrollment or repels it
  • Discover how trust increase influence and how can you increase others’ trust in you
  • See how to get their ideas heard and implemented

Download the one-page PDF of this program description

Managers Discussion Guide Program

Enliven Your Staff Meetings, Engage Your Staff, Strengthen Your Team and Cement Positive Skills — Easily!

Make your staff meetings come alive in 20-30 minutes per month, with no prep by you!

(Download a PDF of this info)

The Managers Discussion Guide Program can accomplish all of that! And with only a minimal effort on your part! We’ve provided all the tools and the brief, live, just-in-time training you need to make sure your staff meetings are an event your team looks forward to, rather than a mandatory purgatory. By engaging your staff in thoughtful, professionally designed structured discussions you not only engage them in improving their own processes, but encourage them to help each other problem solve. Your team members will be more motivated and take ownership in the team’s goals and solving team problems.


Read on here to understand how this can work for you — with a minimal time investment.

Developing Emerging Leaders

“Managing people is a pain!”

You’ve heard this from your colleagues. Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. You are smart. So why is it hard to manage people? You know you could use some new skills to manage your team better, but you’re not sure exactly how to go about it. If all people would respond to the same management style, it would be so much easier!

When you talk to your staff, do you sometimes feel like you’re talking to a wall? Do you have trouble getting them to do what you want them to do? Do you feel like it’s often quicker and easier to do the job yourself?

This program is applicable for not only new managers or supervisors, but as a often much needed refresher for managers who think they know what to do, but aren’t doing it.

Learn how to:

  • Delegate effectively
  • Follow up with your team members
  • Coach your associates when the results aren’t what you’d expected
  • Listen to your staff’s concerns and suggestions for improved procedures
  • Give positive and constructive feedback.

45-90 min., half-day, full day, multi-part series

Complete description in PDF 


Work. Play. Give. — Creating a Thriving Workplace

As a leader, you want to help create a productive, caring, interesting, fun workplace. You want coworkers to be excited to come to work and nurture an environment where everyone one can do their best. In a thriving workplace staff are encouraged to continually question if best practices can become even better. Colleagues look with a fresh perspective to see what shifts can create a new outcome.

Abundant research informs us that a thriving workplace depends on high-achieving employees’ sense of fulfillment and happiness on the job. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. We’ll explore 3 pillars of creating fulfillment at work that leads to high productivity, satisfaction, and longevity.

The “Work. Play. Give.” philosophy defines how to create a highly engaged workforce in three ways — even at the same time! “Work” encourages you to create an environment where people can contribute their best ideas without fear of being chastised. “Play” brings new points of view to create breakthrough solutions. “Give” encompasses how giving provides an additional sense of purpose.

In addition to hearing how individuals and corporations have incorporated the Work. Play. Give. philosophy, you’ll hear how Rebecca brings “Work. Play. Give.” into her life through her work with corporations and non-profits, in the US and abroad. She’ll share how her work with the non-profit Together We Can Change the World has not only helped the impoverished women and children they support, but how it’s charged her perspective and life.

Learn how to apply the three pillars for a richer life. You’ll get ideas on how to adopt this philosophy to create a more effective workplace. You’ll think differently about how you can integrate all three every day in your work and life.

Participants will understand how to:

  • create an environment where people can utilize their highest skills and talents
  • encourage playfulness for connecting with colleagues, as well as improving creativity and innovation.
  • foster giving not only funds, but one’s spirit, kindness and heart, in the workplace and in the community.

45 minutes to 3 hours (the more time allotted, the more interactivity)

Rebecca presents “Work. Play. Give.” at a conference in Cape Town

Rebecca presents “Work. Play. Give.” to business owners in Bangkok

Rebecca presents “Work. Play. Give.” to a group in Mandalay, Myanmar