A Professional Emcee for Your Event

You want a great emcee to keep your meeting moving

Some emcees think they are the star of the event, rather than the presenters. Or they spend way too much time in between presenters telling their shaggy-dog stories. Or they recite old, old jokes they found on the Internet. Or they make sexist or blue jokes. Or they insult beloved audience members.

You want someone who clearly understands their task. The emcee’s job is to set an upbeat tone, treat everyone respectfully, add a little humor, and keep the event on time.

Rebecca has emceed in-person and virtual events for many years. As a part-time standup comic, she can add clean, appropriate humor when needed. Or she can keep it all business when time is tight.

You can have Rebecca speak, be on panel, moderate a panel, interview your thought leaders and emcee.

Set up a time to discuss your event and if Rebecca would be right to emcee your event.