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Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times

Silicon Valley companies set the standard in many industries. They have created some of the most popular products in the world. Their pace is fast. They either create disruption or respond rapidly to it. What can you learn from how their leaders create a climate to encourage innovation?

To be successful leading or responding to disruption depends on deep trust with your team. How can you create a trusting environment that welcomes disruptive change?

You’ll read key ideas from some of Silicon Valley’s most admired companies, like Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel, Pixar, and others. You’ll learn the details of Google’s study of what made its most productive teams. These ideas can be applied to any organization, especially those seeking or reacting to disruption.

Grow Your Key Talent

Are your best performers ready to step up?

Surveys show that top employees want to grow, learn, and acquire new skills. They value development and want to be continuously sharpening their expertise.

Many executives believe that only HR needs to think about how to expand their staff’s competence. By completely offloading this they stunt their company’s growth. This book helps you examine what to consider when helping your people successfully take on more responsibilities.

What can you do to ensure star staff are successful when taking on new responsibilities? How can you help them succeed, not set them up for failure? Grow Your Key Talent will help you explore your own philosophies about expanding your star staff’s skills.

Life is a Self-Designed, Personal Growth Seminar

It’s not life’s events, it’s our response to them, that determines our happiness. It takes some new perspectives to shift us out of our old thinking that keeps us stuck.

This unique book is comprised of Rebecca’s original photos from her world travels coupled with her thought-provoking essays based on her observations. It is designed for you to first read and think about each image’s quote and how you can use it in your life. Then read the accompanying essay that elaborates on the main point. This book is intended to either reinforce or pivot your thinking.

It can also be a helpful tool to discuss each chapter at a staff meeting or your family dinner table. It can spawn rich discussion and help connect each other even more.

Life’s Lessons: Insights and Information for a Richer Life

Life’s Lessons is a mixture of philosophy and practical ideas. It’s a compendium of astute essays on the lessons life provides us and how to use these teachings to create a richer life.

Rebecca imparts her wit and wisdom in this captivating book. She shares her common and uncommon experiences to spawn sage lessons:

Rebecca speaks as if she were sitting next to you, sharing her insights conversationally ­— simultaneously humorous and profound.

You’ll enjoy the easy-to-read, short chapters and engaging stories. Start learning the lessons Rebecca shares.

Calling Upset Customers

This book is designed to cover how to effectively turn upset customers into loyal ones in the shortest time possible. Its easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for self-study or classroom training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, this book keeps you engaged and helps you retain critical customer service skills.

When a customer is upset with your organization, you are presented with the ultimate opportunity. You can “become the company,” defuse the situation, win the customer over, and ensure continued business. There is no single technique for every customer, but the collection of skills outlined in this self-paced book will work in any industry.

This book is so popublar, one company bought 50,000 copies to train all their staff. It has sold over 250,000 worldwide.

Professional Selling: Practical Secrets For Successful Sales

If a professional salesperson improves their effectieness by just 10%, it means closing more sales, increasing the organization’s revenue, and more commissions. Why would any salesperson not want to increase their skills? 

If you want to enhance your skills, congratuations! This book will give you ideas on how to do so, from how to leave compelling voice messages, to how to turn the first conversation into more sales, responding to objections, and closing the business. 

This book is so solid a major telecommunicaitons company made it the primary resource for all their sales trainng. It has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide.

Remarkable Customer Service…And Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers’ Delight

We like to think our staff are just as good when we aren’t around as when we are. But not all of them are. Some are doing downright stupid things to your customers. And driving them away.

How do you know what they’re doing? You can’t always know. But you can regularly reinforce what you want them to do. Not by lecturing at them, nagging and scolding. But by presenting scenarios and discussing them, either as a group or individually. Remarkable Customer Service … and Disservice is designed to be a tool for growth — for you, individual staff members, and your whole team.

Managers Discussion Guide Program

Enliven Your Staff Meetings, Engage Your Staff, Strengthen Your Team and Cement Positive Skills — Easily!

Make your staff meetings come alive in 20-30 minutes per month, with no prep by you!

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The Managers Discussion Guide Program can accomplish all of that! And with only a minimal effort on your part! We’ve provided all the tools and the brief, live, just-in-time training you need to make sure your staff meetings are an event your team looks forward to, rather than a mandatory purgatory. By engaging your staff in thoughtful, professionally designed structured discussions you not only engage them in improving their own processes, but encourage them to help each other problem solve. Your team members will be more motivated and take ownership in the team’s goals and solving team problems.


Read on here to understand how this can work for you — with a minimal time investment.