Creating Innovative Solutions
for Your Challenges

Rebecca specializes in creating innovative solutions for achievers who have a high interest in ongoing professional growth and personal continuous improvement.

Known for her unique thinking and solutions, Rebecca typically melds creative and non-traditional — yet proven — techniques. This enables you to get the perfect solution, not just an off-the-shelf way out. Instead of throwing time and money down the drain, you invest in a sustainable, long-term, measurable result.

Crafted to fit your business needs, Rebecca custom designs and delivers unique workplace-effectiveness solutions that will maximize the return on your investment.

Solutions can include:

Designing and implementing unique position, departmental or company-wide long-term professional developmental programs

Developing, delivering and managing multi-part academies, along with pre- and post-academy assessments, measurable results, follow up, participants’ manager involvement, and systems for integrating the ideas on the job. (PDF)

Facilitating planning sessions, off-sites, and retreats.

Delivering customized 45-90 minute keynotes or breakout sessions at conferences, management, sales and/or all-company meetings.

Presenting half-, full-, or multi-day seminars.

Moderating key panels of company or industry leaders at company-wide or customer meetings, or conferences.

Providing long term individual or team coaching and consulting.

Creating self-study or manager-led training programs.

To help you see the various ways we might work together, we’ve created a simple chart of 10 cost-effective ways to begin your development effort. Some involve very minor cost and time commitments.

“I appreciate your efforts and feel we put together a program that has real and lasting benefit for our people.” –Marketing Services Manager, Graniterock

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