You Want a Presenter Who Partners with You to Achieve Your Objectives

Rebecca Delivers!


Rebecca Morgan speaking

You want a presenter who creates buzz — before, during and after her talk

How many presentations and presenters are remembered days after their talk, let alone months, years and even decades later? You want a session that is not only engaging in the moment, but is so thought provoking people think and talk about it for a long time. It shifts their thinking, and more importantly their actions.

Rebecca delivers.

You want engaging in-person and virtual keynotes

You’re planning an important event and need a speaker who will deliver a thought-provoking and engaging experience, mixing new and usable ideas with interaction and some fun. Whether for a corporate or non-profit conference, all-hands or division event, leadership or management meeting, Rebecca delivers.

Rebecca’s sessions are customized to your people’s issues, and interactive to ensure everyone stays involved. She’s adept at this even with virtual keynotes.

You want training to skyrocket your and your people’s effectiveness

You work with smart people. Yet they have room to improve their effectiveness. Plus, you know they will look for other employment options if they aren’t given opportunities to sharpen their skills.

Providing key training ensures they will be ready for new responsibilities.

Whether it’s one hour focused on one topic, or an “academy” series  to provide more extensive development, Rebecca can help.



You want coaching or consulting to enhance your and your team’s communication

As a leader and/or manager, you want to create a productive, caring, interesting, fun workplace. You want coworkers excited to work and provide an environment where everyone does their best. In a thriving workplace staff are encouraged to continually question if best practices can be improved. Colleagues look with a fresh perspective to see what shifts can create a new outcomes.

You realize you could accomplish more faster with some input and guidance from a wise coach or consultant. Someone who can ask probing questions and offer best practices from previous clients.

Whether it’s coaching for you or your key team members, or consulting with the whole team, leverage Rebecca’s experience to help you achieve more.

You want a highly participative, insight-generating retreat

You want your people to have some time to reflect and think — both individually and with each other. It’s hard to do that in a staff meeting, let alone virtually. You want them to be led through processes that not only help them know each other better, but to get into topics that will propel the team forward.

A retreat — whether in-person or virtual — can provide a much-needed pause from daily to-dos to let everyone reflect and think differently. This can be through activities with insight-generating questions, coupled with masterful facilitation and some relevant content.

Rebecca can deliver.

You want variety in your event — whether virtual, in-person or pre-recorded

Master panel moderation

Panels can be a highlight — or lowlight — of an event. It’s not easy to moderate a panel that has attendees positively buzzing. Rebecca will work with the panelists to determine where they can contribute the most thought-provoking comments. Rebecca can also make the session interactive beyond questions to the panel. Engage Rebecca to ensure your panel is a hit at your event.

Interview your best thinkers

Some of your best thinkers are not the best presenters. Rebecca has been interviewing thought leaders for over 20 years, helping bring out their best ideas to share with others. She can interview your leaders, your clients, industry leaders, and/or innovative individual contributors. The interviews can be live during an event, or pre-recorded, and can be used on your marketing page and/or social media.


The emcee’s job is to set an upbeat tone, treat everyone respectfully, add a little humor, and keep the event on time. Rebecca has emceed events for many years. As a part-time standup comic, she can add humor when needed. Or she can keep it all business when time is tight.